About Basepin

Tim Luke

CEO & Cofounder
Just as a keystone gives an entire archway its strength, Basepin gives your project a central supporting structure. It's a common ground where teams collaborate to win.

David Kortekaas

Services Manager
We are construction management professionals who specialize in BIM. Clients who prefer Basepin receive value-added expert support for their budgets and schedule as well as their BIM needs.
Central Building Information 
Management System

Basepin works with the project team to establish contracts that show how Digital Data and BIM content will be managed, shared, and used by all project participants. 

Basepin Connect is the project CBIMS for all common shared digital information. 

RULES for TOOLS Contract Documents
Issues and Change Documentation
Field Inspections/Punchlist
BIM/CAD Content
Contract agreements (similar to AIA E203)

Project Participant roster
Digital Data Protocols
Basepin methodology and technology empowers Owners Designers Contractors to become the Project Team.

Coordinating the design ahead of construction
  • Roles, responsibilities, and accountability shared based on project contract relationships
  • Project Team focused on collaboration
  • BIM based change management
  • Integrated web meeting system
  • No cost coordination solutions are the goal
  • Minimal administrative time required
  • Reduced risk to all participants
  • Colleague culture
  • Delivering record models and data that meet the owner’s facility management needs.

BIM Protocols
BIM then BUILD plan
LOD Definitions and Authorized Uses
LOD QC Reporting
Basepin BIM detailing services meet the needs of Owners, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Suppliers.
  • Revit architectural, structural modeling
  • Revit MEP modeling
  • Revit Family creation
  • AutoCAD modeling
  • MEPS phased coordination
  • Clash management
  • Navis federated model management
  • Shop/fabrication drawings
  • Autodesk/Trimble point layout drawings
  • Free job cost estimates and proposals.
Tap into our expertise & bring our BIM team on board. 

Succeed with our team-wide approach to solutions – try Basepin Connect today! 

Inspiration Fell from the Skies


The name “basepin” comes from the winning central lynchpin (the central core) of the largest multi-national sports team ever united.

In 2006, 400 skydivers came together to win the world record for largest free-fall formation. The strong central hub every skydiver connected to is the base and the formation leader is the pin. We combine these into a single vision for collaboration now known as Basepin.

Basepin is a fitting metaphor for innovative and streamlined projects that start off strong and grow greater than the sum of their parts. Much like The World Team, Basepin Connect and the Basepin BIM Services draw strength from collaborative techniques and the stellar performance of all team members.

Basepin Mission and Vision Statement


Basepin’s mission is to provide a revolutionized building information management system and technology platform to the construction and real estate industries. Our purpose is to be the collaborative method of connecting project members to each other and to the project or facility with accessible, accurate, and real-time information.


To be the real-time point of collaboration for project members.


Collaboration – Our project management tools and quality-control standards promote teamwork and foster a spirit of cooperation between teams from different industries working together toward common goals.

Accountability – We recognize and accept our individual and team responsibilities to our employees, customers, suppliers and investors.

Respect – We treat clients, partners and associates with the highest measures of equality, dignity and trust, respecting their rights and beliefs.
Innovation – We provide construction and real estate industries with solutions that are more effective than traditional methods and which continually evolve and adapt to satisfy ever-changing needs.

Excellence – We seek the highest level of quality service and products to benefit our customers, employees, investors, and suppliers.

Integrity – We conduct all our business with honesty and fairness, holding ourselves and our employees to the highest ethical standards.
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