• We work with owners to develop their Digital Data and BIM Management Program that defines the owner’s contractual requirements for how Digital Data and Building Information Modeling will be used and relied on by project participants throughout design, construction and closeout. The goal of the program is to reduce risk and increase profitability for all parties, and to deliver a functional digital building to the owner’s facility management group. 
  • We assist the owner in project specific Digital Data and BIM planning and execution. 
  • We provide BIM LOD QC reports to the owner that compare progress model deliverables to contractual requirements. These reports help the project team produce fully coordinated models ahead of construction. 
  • We work with the owner and project team establish BIM equipment data that supports the owner’s Computerized Maintenance Management System. This data is formatted at design phase and updated per approved submittals during construction, and field verified during commissioning. 
  • We provide BIM modeling and support services to the owner such as site development modeling and coordination of utilities with shoring and below grade parking or foundation systems. 
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