Our Values

Basepin Mission and Vision Statement


Basepin’s mission is to provide a revolutionized building information management system and technology platform to the construction and real estate industries. Our purpose is to be the collaborative method of connecting project members to each other and to the project or facility with accessible, accurate, and real-time information.


To be the real-time point of collaboration for project members.


Collaboration – Our project management tools and quality-control standards promote teamwork and foster a spirit of cooperation between teams from different industries working together toward common goals.

Accountability – We recognize and accept our individual and team responsibilities to our employees, customers, suppliers and investors.

Respect – We treat clients, partners and associates with the highest measures of equality, dignity and trust, respecting their rights and beliefs.

Innovation – We provide construction and real estate industries with solutions that are more effective than traditional methods and which continually evolve and adapt to satisfy ever-changing needs.

Excellence – We seek the highest level of quality service and products to benefit our customers, employees, investors, and suppliers.

Integrity – We conduct all our business with honesty and fairness, holding ourselves and our employees to the highest ethical standards.

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