Privacy Policy

Privacy & Security Policy

  1. Basepin will not sell, rent or loan the material and data your provide to anyone, other than your administrator and other parties using Basepin under the permission of your administrator. However, if in the future, Basepin, or substantially all of its assets are acquired, the material and data may be transferred to the acquiring party, to be held and used by the acquiring party for the purpose of providing this service, provided that the acquiring party implement a privacy and security policy at least as restrictive and secure as Basepin’s present policy in relation to the material and data.
  2. Other than the above, Basepin will not disclose the material and data to anyone unless required to do so by law.
  3. Basepin may allow residual material and data to reside within its Service’s system even after deletion for an indefinite period, but for no less than five (5) years, during which this privacy and security policy shall continue to apply.
  4. Basepin may automatically receive and record information on its server logs from user browsers, including IP address, cookies and requested page. Basepin may use this information for service improvements, research, anonymous reporting, and to make the Service more convenient, such as automatically recognizing you when you return.
  5. No security system is impenetrable and risks of breach exist in any system. However, Basepin promises to make consistent efforts to keep information you submit secure. You agree to use this Service at your own risk, and agree that Basepin shall not be liable if a security breach occurs, if the Service malfunctions, or if information is misused or mismanaged in any way to your detriment or the detriment of a third party, whether by you, another person, Basepin, the adminstrator, or an unauthorized third party.

Basepin has the right and sole discretion to change its privacy and security policies at its sole discretion, at any time, subject only to your administrator electing no longer to participate in the use of the Service. If Basepin changes its privacy or security policy, Basepin will post those changes here in the Terms of Use of this Service.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Basepin’s privacy and security policy, please email Basepin at
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