“In today’s large scale commercial construction market, the requirements for BIM Coordination are becoming the norm and the LOD requested continues to rise. We have a solid BIM team in house, however it is cost prohibitive to ramp up significantly to staff a large project when the periodic need arises. After long hours searching for and researching possible partners to aid us in the coordination efforts, we struck an agreement with Basepin to assist with some challenging fast paced projects. The staffing resources they were able to bring to the team coupled with the power and benefits provided by the Basepin Connect Software enabled us to stay on track with schedules and deliverables and more often than not drive the process.”

John Bitner, Virtual Construction Manager – Cobb Mechanical Contractors

“It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share comments on my experience with Basepin. Currently, Basepin is assisting with a complex commercial project for a college university in NJ. While I have had much experience in MEP Coordination and BIM, I have never before encountered such a level of attention, competence and excellence. The experience at each phase of BIM I currently encounter, regardless of how challenging, the Basepin team shows superior & innovative effort to deal with complicated issues. The customer service that I receive from Basepin goes above and beyond what many would offer.This combination of commitment and outstanding customer service will propel Basepin to great success in the construction industry. It is very hard to find a company that is so committed and passionate about their work and their clients. Their response time to daily business, as well as, last minute request goes above and beyond what others would do. Thus, I highly recommend Basepin for all levels of BIM.”

Melissa Sadowski, Project Manager – Worth Construction

“It’s not like it was before 2008, and it’s never going back to the way it used to be. I know Basepin is helping us stay profitable. It takes effort every single day to stay in business and keep competitive. Your program, your software and the service you provide are definitely an asset.”

Gil Jaffe,
Associate Principal – Callison

“Basepin did a fantastic job for us on the MaineGeneral project. I would not hesitate to use you guys again on another project. I fact we probably will at some point down the road.”

Keith Flowers,
Vice President – Construction
  Planning, MMC Contractors

“The design and construction industry is challenged with looking for ways to reduce waste. Basepin [Connect] provides the vehicle to manage information among multiple disciplines, providing the means to reduce waste in all aspects of the design and construction process. I would recommend Basepin [Connect] to any construction team anticipating a need for organization.”

Brian Antonsen,
Project Executive – Life Sciences, McKinstry

“The growth and excellent services that Basepin [Connect] provide never ceases to amaze me. From five years ago when I first worked with your issue tracker and the standards you have in place for file naming and protocol; to when you added the issue trackers and smart tags up through the punch lists, calendar and the best thing yet. Having a Cloud based storage for files with two way automatic syncing capabilities, with administrative rights people actually need. What more do I need to say other than thank you for providing such a great system and services to work with.”

Brian Muggy,
Virtual Design and Construction Group – MMC Contractors

“Tim’s work was invaluable to the success of our project. Basepin Connect Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value We hired Tim as a Web Hosting Service in 2009, and hired Tim more than once.”

Chris Flume,
Development Manager – Seneca Group

“It’s just a tremendous collaborative tool. We’re finding that Basepin [Connect] is saving us time, and obviously, dollars. The biggest cost savings come in the form of streamlined problem solving. We have been able to ensure that the work we’re doing, we only have to do it once.”

Andrew Clapham,
Owner – Andrew Clapham & Assoc. LLC Project and Construction Management

“We used Basepin Connect [Job Walk] for our final punchlists for finished spaces and it saves us lots of time in transmitting notes and comments to the contractor. We only had to enter an item once while we were on site, saving hours of office time translating notes. It was a huge help!”

Luke Held,
Ankrom Moisan Architects

“Basepin [Connect] file manager and on-line meeting links have significantly cut down travel time for team members. This improved style of management has made me a more efficient and more productive project manager and this adds value to my company’s bottom line.Basepin staff has been extraordinarily helpful in assisting with the transition to this style of project management and understanding the unique features of this software tool. Basepin [Connect] tutorials are simple and easy to understand from a user standpoint and the knowledgeable staff adds case studies and relevant stories to provide users with a strong background of why this system is important and how it can save your company time and money.After having worked with Tim Luke and the Basepin [Connect] management software on the coordination and delivery of several million square feet of new building space over the past few years, I will not implement a project without it. It has proven to reduce risk and save time and money over and over again. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value”

Jason Twill,
Sr. Project Manager Sustainability – Vulcan Design and Construction

“I was introduced to Tim [and Basepin] at a critical time on a large MEP infrastructure improvement project in New York City. Truthfully, we were a little late in standing up a platform to manage the design effort, large volume of submittals, and shop drawing coordination by our subcontractor team. Not only was Basepin uniquely suited to our needs, but Tim’s commitment of support and timely responses to our teams questions/issues was instrumental to the ultimate success of our project. Since then we are utilizing Basepin [Connect] on all of our design development and construction projects.”

Dale Spencer,
Director of Construction – Sabey Construction   Inc.

“As an architectural lighting manufacturer, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for BIM models from our clients. Creating a detailed model library can be a complex and challenging process, but Basepin makes it easy! The team was incredibly thoughtful, thorough and a pleasure to work with. I have already recommended their services to multiple firms. Thanks Basepin!”

Sara Duffy Marketing Project Manager – LightArt

“One of the pros about using Basepin Connect [Job Walk] is [that] the customer support is extraordinary. They understand how time sensitive punch list is. I’ve also gotten a lot of help walking through the process if I run into a roadblock. That’s been incredibly helpful. I know if I would have gone with another program I wouldn’t have had that support.”

Keara Flynn,
Project Engineer – Absher Construction

“During the initial design phase the drawings were in 2D. As Ocean Park Mechanical was new to 3D modeling, we retained basepin to provide 3D modeling of the piping on the garage level below the lowest residential level. Basepin did an excellent job of transferring the 2D design into a 3D model. I would not hesitate to recommend Basepin to other owners, general contractors, and mechanical contractors.”

Darren Lowe,
PE – Ocean Park Mechanical 

“Tim Luke’s vision for Basepin [Connect] is frankly, groundbreaking. How do you get geographically disparate groups with differing business goals to communicate and play together to execute complicated projects? With no consensus for standardized communication or adoption of technology platforms, the odds are stacked against efficiency. Tim has created a truly unique, elegant, easy to use collaboration system that sets rules and provides tools for seamless project communication. It is different because Tim understands that companies don’t want to change corporate technology platforms to accommodate specific projects. Basepin [Connect] helps teams manage the entire building lifecycle from design to operation while addressing issues before they become costly problems. I highly recommend Basepin [Connect] for any building project.”

Kent Howard,
VP | Major Projects – JP Morgan Chase

“Basepin MEPS Coordination provides an invaluable service to any construction project. Once launched, Basepin allows the construction team to coordinate some of the most expensive and technical work on a construction project and, in doing so, saves the project substantial time and money. Problems are solved through communication before materials are ordered; RFI’s are a thing of the past in the Basepin world saving untold hours and dollars. The best part of the Basepin system is its simplicity: find an issue, log it, the team coordinates a solution and the issue is closed.In addition to the technical side of Basepin, Tim Luke provides the knowledge and guidance to get any team through the MEPS Coordination process. From years of MEP experience on the contracting side, Tim is able to work side-by-side with and speak the language of designers, developers, contractors and engineers to help the team find the most appropriate solutions to their challenges. I would strongly recommend Basepin for MEPS Coordination services on any project.”

Chris Beckerman,
Sr. Project Manager – Vulcan, Inc.

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Tim Luke and Basepin for the past 5+ years on multiple projects. With Tim’s enthusiasm and thoughtful process, we’ve customized our company’s Basepin site to our specific needs and have found it to be a most efficient web-based tool to share information in ‘real time’ with our contractors, architects, tenants and business associates.

Lee Fulford, Administrative Assistant to VP of Real Estate – Vulcan Inc.

“There are two things I like about Basepin. Well, there are a number of things but there are two things that stand out. One, is that it’s online based. I don’t have to install a program, anybody can access it. It’s very central, allows for collaboration between everyone and I like that. The second thing I like is that it’s constantly improving, it’s not a stagnant program. It’s not something you install once and then wait a year for an update. Basepin has been very responsive when we request changes, have needs or see something that can make it better. Basepin steps up and makes changes much quicker than a lot of other programs.”

Adam Vega, Project Manager – Tim Ryan Construction

“We have had the pleasure of working with Tim and his Team with a very exciting product called Basepin. Tim’s passion and expertise of the product is what will make this product become a standard in the industry. It works!”

Ken Shersty,
Vice President – The PPI Group

“I’ve found that I can use the basepin issue tracker on any size job to keep an accurate list of problems associated to the construction documents. My associates and I are able to communicate and track these problems without time consuming phone calls or individual emails that need to be stored. The best part is that at anytime I can receive a complete categorized listing of every problem, resolution, and current status that I can forward to my clients for review. And because these issues are tracked with individual numbers that link back to identically tagged blocks in the drawing, anyone can easily find the locations of the problems in the cad drawings we produce.”

Mark H. Palmer,
Project Manager/President – Cad Piping Services Inc.

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